Trisha is our Owner and K9 Stylist.  She lives by the motto, “If you don’t stand out, you blend in.” After apprenticing under a well-known groomer at Luxury Grooming in Shreveport, Louisiana; She opened her 1st salon in Haughton, Louisiana, in her home in 2005 while also working full time as a receptionist for Airline Animal Health & Surgery Center.  She moved back to her home state of Utah in 2008, where she worked for various animal hospitals before settling into her favorite position as a Vet Tech for an Animal ER in Northern Utah.  It was there that she obtained a lot of her  knowledge and skills that she carried forward and ignited her passion for Animal Care.  During her first pregnancy and as an Air Force spouse, she accepted a position at the Veterinary Treatment Facility at Hill AFB.  

There she gained knowledge and experience with MWD’s and the lengthy process of the Health Certificate requirements for moving to many different Countries with family pets, as well as some knowledge of the various aspects of food inspections across Utah and Wyoming. Moving with her spouse and the military she had many “home salons” where she cared for friends and family’s pets as well as fellow military, family pets.  She and her husband even “fostered” a few as a part of the program “Dogs on Deployment” while their owners were serving overseas. Following a military move and the birth of their 2nd child, Trisha opted to step away from Animal Care as a profession and instead operated an in home daycare for tiny humans while she stayed home with their two children for 5 years. 

Missing her dogs and her creative outlet, but also needing the freedom to be available for her kids and family, she opened her 1st mobile salon when her husband separated from the military and the family moved to Maumelle, Arkansas for his 1st Civilian job following 13 years of Active Duty service. She quickly filled her route in Arkansas. She purchased a 2nd van after 8 months but after a bad experience with employees and a surprise pregnancy, decided she wanted to stay small and service her clients as owner/operator to maintain the quality and personal relationship with each of her loyal clients. She sold her 1st van and moved forward with her new van.  Following the birth of their 3rd child and 3 1/2 years into her successful business, they relocated to Louisiana to be closer to family. Trisha and her husband have 3 boys, ages 10 to 1 1/2. They currently have 2 dogs that they love dearly. Their 4 year old rescued Boxer, Ruby and their 12 year old rescued Standard Poodle, Gracie. They finally purchased their dream home. A small homestead on 6 acres where they acquired 5 goats and 12 chickens. They plan to add many more farm animals to their small piece of Heaven!  Trisha is excited and thankful for the opportunity to continue to service her loyal clients in Arkansas, as they have become lifelong friends and “family”. 

She is also looking forward to servicing a small clientele here in Louisiana and she is hopeful that she will build the same relationship in her new area. Though she loves her clients and will go to the ends of the Earth for each one, she loves being a mom the most and with 3 small kids, being a mom comes 1st. This business is her passion, a creative outlet. Her role as a mom is priority as her kids are only little for a short amount of time. Trisha is grateful for the ability to be a mom and to schedule her work and her passion around the needs of her family. Trisha is also trained in CPR and skin and coat conditions. Throughout the years, she has continued her education and is dedicated to this Industry.  Your pet will benefit from building a trusting relationship and lifelong bond with Trisha as she covers every aspect of your pets health with each visit, alerting you to any changes in your pets behavior or skin/coat condition, providing a priceless knowledge that the average owner might otherwise overlook or not be aware of. Trisha is invested in your pets health and overall well being. Trisha is dependable.  She is trustworthy, professional, & prompt.  You can count on Trisha to communicate fully with you before, during and after your pets visit.  Her experience, her passion, her dedication and her constant push to continue her knowledge and implementing new methods of animal care, techniques or the latest tools or products is what sets her apart from everyone else.

Mobile Grooming Offers Some Distinct Advantages

  • No prep time: No fussing with your dog to get ready for a day at the groomer. The groomer comes to you!

  • Sparkling clean: We clean the spa thoroughly between dogs and between visits. Do not worry about sharing cages or germs.
  • No driving to the groomer: No stress or car sickness for your dog. No scratched seats or hair in your car.

  • Stress free environment for your dog: We groom right outside your home in a crate-free spa. Your dog receives individual grooming attention for the whole visit.
  • A long term relationship: Your pet will build a lifelong relationship with a foundation of trust with our groomer.  They will see the same groomer throughout their entire life, providing the best possible care.

  • State of the Art, Self-sufficient spa at your doorstep: We do not use your electricity or water. The spa is completely self-sufficient & temperature controlled.

  • Individual attention: Your pet receives a nose to tail, personalized consultation prior to every visit.  We will alert you to anything that your pet may need Veterinary or special attention for.